Aug 18, 2017



Wasn't sure where to put this post, so I thought I'd use the new section.

I'm planning to take a vacation, and looking at cruises. Has anyone got any experience?

Aug 18, 2017

I love a cruise, I go three or four times a year with two friends. They're perfect for those with more limited mobility as you're free to stay on the ship or get off and visit the various places. The food is all included in most and the entertainment is wonderful,

Aug 18, 2017

Oh stop, you're making me long for a vacation, but the best I can do is a trip upstate these days! I did go on a cruise many years ago though and had the time of my life!

Aug 24, 2017

Me too Patpat, I'm recovering from hip surgery but longing for a trip away somewhere nice. I do fancy a cruise, are they expensive John? Where have you been?

Aug 25, 2017

Myself and my Husband used to cruise twice a year, often to the med, sometimes around the Caribbean. My all time favorite was Scandinavia though, absolutely beautiful and you get close to the arctic and see ice and snow, absolutely stunning. I would definitely recommend John!

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