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Jul 19, 2017

Meet the MindMate team


Edited: Jul 28, 2017



The MindMate app was created by Susanne, Patrick and Roger to help people around the world to live a healthier life. We are so happy that you are here!


And now we can't wait to meet you!

Aug 3, 2017

Hi Susanne, Patrick and Roger,

I love mindmate, I use it every day, it teaches me good recipes and I love the daily videos.

Well done guys!


Aug 3, 2017

Hi all, Linda here from the UK!

I also love the app, what a great job you've done. Cannot believe it's available for free!!

The brain games definitely keep my mind on it's toes, will have to have a look at the recipes section too Jan!

Aug 11, 2017


Greetings from Tasmania. I am retired


Aug 11, 2017

I have been doing Mindmate for some time, but lately , i have been too busy with Facebook

i go fungi hunting

Aug 11, 2017

I have had difficulty writing my comments as it becomes very slow. i look for native fungi for scientific purposes, and help identify fungi photos posted on Facebook

Aug 14, 2017

Hello, nice to meet you! Fungi hunting sounds really interesting, do tell us more!? What do you do with all the fungi you find?


Aug 30

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New Posts
  • MindMate Staff
    Aug 14, 2017

    Hello MindMate community! We hope you're enjoying the new forum feature. Just a quick reminder that for more tips and advice around nutrition, fitness, brain health and cognitive decline, be sure to find and follow us on our social media pages. We'd love to continue the conversation and get to know you all more! Twitter: twitter.com/MindMateApp Facebook: fb.com/mindmateapp Blog: http://www.mindmate-app.com/blog Stay happy & healthy! The MindMate Team 😊
  • Wendy
    Aug 28, 2017

    Hi MindMate community, I'm Wendy living here in Miami, fl. I'm having a real battle with my memory these days, but staying positive! I'd love to hear some tips you guys have for living with memory-loss (Apart from using the app of course, which I love!!!) xx
  • shell
    Aug 9, 2017

    Hi! All. hope your doing ok! Im a fifty something resident of Dorset. early retired and struggling with memory loss. looking at ways to cope and stay positively motivated which isnt hard in this part of Dorset. Im busy relandscaping our garden at the moment. Big job! but coming along fine.