Aug 30, 2017

TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)



I just wondered if there are any other TBI carers or survivors using the app/forum?

I always find it so useful talking to others who understand.

I'm caring for my husband who suffered a TBI in a car accident several years ago. It would be great to hear other's experiences.


Aug 31, 2017

Hi Linda, sorry to hear that your husband suffered a tbi. I am full of admiration for people like you who live as carers.

I'm not a carer per say, but my nephew suffered a tbi from a work accident. He has since been diagnosed with depression and struggles with fatigue, Nevertheless he has finally returned to college taking night classes and is looking far more positively towards the future.

Sep 4, 2017

So sorry to hear that Linda and Gerald, I have no personal experience of TBI, but I worked in hospitals for many years and saw many people fighting and surviving after TBI, their strength was so encouraging! The best thing I could offer was to just show understanding and listen to what they had to say and help them when they couldn't quite say what they really wanted. Hope that helps, best wishes

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  • JulieOz
    Sep 4, 2017

    Hi there, new to the forum and thought I would start a conversation for those who are carers. It can be a difficult and sometimes lonely job, but also so rewarding and emotional. I get the pleasure of sharing the journey with my mother who is living with vascular dementia. I'd love to hear about anyone else's experiences of caring.
  • Elaine
    Aug 18, 2017

    Hello everyone, I'm early sixties, retired and recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Whilst it was initially terrifying, my friends and family have rallied round to support me and I'm now embracing the task of overcoming the daily challenges. I would love to hear from anyone else with AD about their experiences and tips for living well. I find MindMate a great help of course, but always looking for other ways. Elaine
  • MindMate team
    Aug 18, 2017

    Any experience yourself?